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Custmz gets you results

With the right tools you are in the driver’s seat to make your content deliver great results. Boost your brand or message, create a buzz or improve conversion. CUSTMZ will help you to address segmented clients’ needs, making this a great tool for content marketing.

Learn, improve and target

With CUSTMZ you can stick metatags to your content. Afterwards you can analyse what content worked best and what individuals were interested in. This will help you to make the next edition more targeted.

Segmentation tools makes it possible to easily make (many) different versions of your magazine, better addressing the various interests and previous actions of your target groups

Create numerous call to actions

Within CUSTMZ there are possibilities to create as many internal or external links as you like and people can subscribe or share within the publication. CUSTMZ also makes it easy to differentiate your call to actions per segment.

Get Big Data to optimize ROI and ROA

CUSTMZ gives you absolute control combining data gathering from both Google Analytics and individual tracking. You collect reader’s interests, explicit and implicit clicking behaviour, answers to specific questions and data from social media platforms as Facebook and Linkedin, thus gathering invaluable Big Data. This will help you to learn, improve and target, leading to better results. See what you can expect.

Reach more people

CUSTMZ chose to work with web apps instead of native apps. This not only allows you to easily integrate live data in your magazine and be always up to date, it also means people can share separate articles, items within an article or the magazine as a whole, without their contacts having to download the publication first. CUSTMZ offers possibilities to share your content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Yammer and via e-mail.

Be found on Google (or not)

Your content is SEO-optimised, but SEO can be switched off if not relevant (e.g. for internal magazines).

We will help you

If you still need help, we are there, with workshops on how to set up a digital publication and convert your content to CUSTMZ, on how to communicate your publication and how to increase conversions.

start engaging with your public

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CUSTMZ is a unique content marketing & publishing tool that brings your digital content straight into people’s life, in a lively way, leading to results.