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All is possible with CUSTMZ

CUSTMZ can be used to make any form of content come to life: digital magazines, annual reports, as an action website or part of an advertising campaign, a (corporate) brochure, you name it. CUSTMZ has been developed by a team of designers, developers, publishers and marketers. This is why CUSTMZ is a useful tool for all of you.


‘Marketers get results with CUSTMZ.’

Thanks to the engaging functionalities, the maximum reach, the possibilities of segmentation and the build of big data through individual tracking, marketers get higher conversions and an increased loyalty from their audience by using CUSTMZ.

‘HR-managers get a very cost-efficient tool to inspire their staff.’

Completely DIY, HR departments can set up an internal publication themselves, without coding or designing, in no time. The result, a rich and interactive publication will amaze your staff.

‘Publishers can focus on the content and communication targets.’

Finally publishers can leave the hassle (and big costs) of having to develop a digital publication behind. With its ready templates, setting up a magazine takes 90% LESS time (and money), time that can be spend on creating great content. The result is a publication that stands out in design, functionalities and content.

‘Designers can create innovative interactive design without coding.’

Doing new innovative things is a big driver for designers. With all the functionalities and live data templates they can create publications that stand out, in no sweat. For them CUSTMZ combines ease of use, with advanced results. Additionally requests for new templates or functionalities will be answered quickly. 

‘Advertisers can add content to their campaign’

Agencies can now easily create lively content extensions to their advertising campaigns, including video, slideshows, live Twitter feeds, competitions, live Instagram pictures, Facebook petitions etc. A CUSTMZ's content concept can be the linking pin between other digital media.

All is possible with CUSTMZ

CUSTMZ is not only suited for digital magazines. If the focus is targeted content, integration of live data, interactivity, and measurability, there is a broad scope of applications that can be created with CUSTMZ:

Inspirational magazines, Manuals, Customer media, Personnel communications, New sales offers, Advertising campaign (support), Corporate brochures, Presentations, Online actions, Interactive financial annual reports, Annual Reports, Lookbooks, “things to do” publication, Replacement of static newsletter.

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CUSTMZ is a unique content marketing & publishing tool that brings your digital content straight into people’s life, in a lively way, leading to results.