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Custmz makes your content more engaging

Forget about print, in a digital environment your content has to be brought differently. Your audience will be and more intensely engaged with your content, thanks to all the functionalities and live data available in CUSTMZ’ templates.

Rich media makes your content dance

Of course CUSTMZ delivers you an easy solution to integrate text, images and video, but you want to go further. What about a poll, a competition, tweets, Instagram or a profile test? It is all just one click away.

CUSTMZ consists of an ever growing set of 40 plus templates which create both a lean forward and lean backward experience with the reader, thus boosting engagement.

Live data brings your content to life

All the content you create in Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and more, can all be easily displayed in your magazine. Look at a few examples of how CUSTMZ brings your publication to life with live data. With CUSTMZ a digital publication blends in with everyday online life of your audiences.

Moreover, you can create a display window for all your owned media. CUSTMZ consists of a series of functionalities that use live data from applications as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, … Actually, any online programme that uses an API can be linked into CUSTMZ.

On Demand

You like how we think but you would like a new functionality or a different look for your template? No problem just ask.

Reading tools prolong the experience

You can help your reader and keep him/her longer engaged with your content. CUSTMZ lists the ‘most read’ and ‘most liked’ articles. A future release will also have a scrapbook and guidance for the reader with ‘also read’ suggestions, based on tags or with push messages.

Multiplatform approach

CUSTMZ assures that your content will reach your public when, where and how they prefer it. By implementing both HTML5 & Flash we guarantee maximum reach and maximum experiences.

start engaging with your public

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CUSTMZ is a unique content marketing & publishing tool that brings your digital content straight into people’s life, in a lively way, leading to results.